[190807]TVアニメ『ロード・エルメロイII世の事件簿 -魔眼蒐集列車 Grace note-』Original Soundtrack/音楽:梶浦由記[320K]

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アニメ torrent トレント

1: starting the case: Rail Zeppelin
2: nervous talk
3: an excellent student
4: deep in thought
5: the matter is settled, anyway
6: well-disciplined classrooms
7: it was naff
8: someone pulling the strings
9: talking about nothing
10: chasing the enigma
11: sullenly
12: you were my king
13: the clock tower
14: a noisy student
15: I’m so useless<…br> 16: I have found something
17: a small happy ending
18: he’s always serious, not kidding
19: let us play a game
20: waving goodbye
21: an inspection of the scene
22: a quiet and restless place

1: we call him heartless
2: searching for the solution
3: an ominous premonition
4: an anxious bird
5: the culprit is you
6: bossy people
7: facing with the enemy
8: now, ladies and gentlemen
9: an evil design
10: a mighty enemy appears
11: the Rail Zeppelin
12: they are magicians
13: let the sadness knock my door
14: the magic power 
15: out of control
16: no time left to win
17: deep in old grief
18: depressed and tired
19: the decision to keep going
20: tender smile, gentle feeling
21: closing the case

アニメ torrent トレント
アニメ torrent トレント