[171004] fripSide 15周年スペシャルアルバム「crossroads」[320K]

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アニメ torrent トレント

[Disc 1] – COVER [all tracks:-crossroads version-]

  1. sky -crossroads version-
  2. Red “reduction division” -crossroads version-
  3. hurting heart -crossroads version-
  4. an evening calm -crossroads version-
  5. split tears -crossroads version-
  6. the chaostic world -crossroads version-
  7. prominence -crossroads version-
  8. distant moon -crossroads version-
  9. escape -crossroads version-
  10. before dawn daybreak -crossroads version-
  11. snow blind -crossroads version-
  12. brave new world -crossroads version-
[Disc 2] – Mini Album

  1. clockwork planet
  2. The end of escape -fripSide Edition-
  3. crossroads
  4. a gleam of prologue
  5. pico scope -SACLA-
  6. only me and the moon


アニメ torrent トレント
アニメ torrent トレント